Golf Club Heads

Golf Club HeadsLooking for a high quality golf club but don’t want to break the bank? You can piece together your own clubs from golf club components to get a great set of clubs that play like the big name brands but without the big name brand prices.

You can get started by picking out your golf club head, depending on the type of club you need. Head designs include:

  • Iron heads
  • Hybrid set heads
  • Hybrid/iron combo set heads
  • Driver heads
  • Fairway wood heads
  • Wedge heads
  • Chipper heads
  • Putter heads

Iron club heads are primarily of two types: forged iron and cast iron. Forged irons have a small sweet spot and require great precision, but when hit properly, results in a longer shot and satisfying feel.  Cast iron club heads, in contrast, feature larger, lighter heads, which are more forgiving. In general, forged irons are more appropriate for golfers of greater skill levels.

Features of driver heads you’ll want to examine include:

  • Materials — Titanium, steel, aluminum, carbon composite.
  • Size — Larger heads allow for larger sweet spots and fewer mishits
  • Loft — Your swing speed should be matched to the loft of the club. In general, a slower swing speed should be matched with a higher loft and more flexible shaft.