Golf Club Shafts

Golf Club ShaftsThe golf club shaft also plays an important role in how your golf club will perform.

Graphite vs. steel — Graphite shafts are much lighter, which means it can be swung faster, resulting in more distance.  The extra weight of steel, however, means that you can control the club more easily, resulting in a firmer feel and more accuracy.

Graphite will absorb the shock better, resulting in a more dampened feel, whereas steel will vibrate, which is both a positive and negative. It’s negative in that it can feel uncomfortable, but positive in that it can give you feedback about where you made contact with the ball.

Graphite is also almost always more expensive.

Length — A longer shaft can also facilitate a faster swing speed and consequently longer drives.  A shorter shaft, however, will provide more control.

Flex — Shafts are also rated by degrees of flex or stiffness.  There are five flex categories. In order of stiffness from most stiff to least stiff, they are:

  • Extra stiff
  • Stiff (firm)
  • Regular
  • Senior
  • Ladies

In general, the faster your swing speed, the stiffer the shaft you will need.